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Mark Z. Fortune

When your target customers search online for answers to their questions and problems, do they find you?

Wouldn't it be great if they did?

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Hi I'm Mark Z. Fortune and I am a Duct Tape Marketing Master Consultant, Amazon best-selling author and winner of the Small Biz Trends Community Choice Book Award for 2016. 

Our FREE Website Review includes a video with:

  • A Complete Review of your website looking for everything you need to stand out and rank well in search results
  • A review of your social media presence & how it can drive traffic to your website
  • A list of recommendations you can do right away to get your website in much better shape to generate the kinds of leads you're after!

With this Free Review you'll be armed with what you need to get your Total Online Presence producing results for your business!

Get your website optimized to attract the right kinds of visitors, rank well in search engines and become a lead producing engine for your business. 

If you're not sure where to start to get your website working to produce the right kind of leads for your business, then this Free Review is for you. 

With a well-designed website that addresses the problems you solve for your target customers every day you'll have a 24x7 Digital Sales Rep working to grow your business while you're busy running your business. 

A good website is more than a digital brochure - even if you aren't an eCommerce business - it is the front door and first experience your cusotmers have when they're searching for businesses like yours.

What do your customers see when they look online?  Do they find you? Do they find out-dated or inaccurate content?

If so, this Free Review is the first step to getting your Online Presence in shape and productive!

Here's What You'll Get From This Live Website Review

  • Full Review of your Content
  • Review of up to 3 competitor sites
  • Review of your social media presence & ties to your site
  • Recommendations on content updates
  • Recommendations on generating more leads from your site
  • Full action plan for Next Steps

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Of course, we’d love to help you (while we love reviewing websites, we gotta eat too), so we’ll show you exactly where Fortune Marketing can build your Online Presence to attract the right kinds of customers and outpace your competition, all while giving you back time to run your business!

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P.S., We recently wrote a blog post on how to build your Total Online Presence, we’d love for you to check it out!