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The Business Owner’s Website Bill of Rights

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Most of the time when we start working with a new client, they have an existing website.

(most of the time it isn’t very good, which is why we’re working with them, but that’s a topic for a different day)

But, with probably 80% of the clients we’ve worked with, there are some very fundamental things about the management and ownership of their existing website they just don’t know.

And I’m amazed by that.

I’m not amazed by the business owner not knowing…I mean, yes, they should, but I get it.

They’re busy.

They didn’t start their business in order to manage a website. So, I can see how understanding how the website is managed is 37th on a to-do list of Top 10 things to do.

But, it’s malpractice on the part of the website manager / webmaster / developer / dude (or dudess) who built it.

So, I’ve put together a basic Business Owner’s Website Bill of Rights – use this in any discussion with the builders & developers of your website, or give me a shout and we can discuss…heck, I’ll even do a Free Website Review for you…

You Have The Right…

  • To Own Your Site
    • Or, at a minimum you clearly understand who owns the site.  You must be able to manage and move your site if needed…it should be clear in the terms of any agreement you sign who owns the site (it should be you) and where the files and content that comprise the site are housed and maintained
  • To Own Your Domain
    • Really, you should be the person who buys it anyway – is dead simple to use.
    • Or, your developer can buy it and transfer it to you. But it should be yours. And it should auto-renew at the end of each term.
  • To Log-In to the Backend of Your Site
    • Even if you don’t regularly do it (but you should), you should have Administrator Level privileges to the back end / content management area of your site. Otherwise, you don’t have the keys to your own car.
  • To Access All Necessary Google Properties Involving Your Site
    • This includes Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads (if using) and Google My Business
    • Know and protect the log-ins to these properties as securely as your login to your email or phone…they’re that important to managing your online presence.
  • To Directly Receive All Leads and Calls from Your Site
    • Feedback, Leads, Reviews, Calls, etc. should all come directly into your business. Not only are they potential sales, they’re also vital pieces of market feedback to help you grow your business.

Staying on top of these “Rights” does 2 things for your business:

  1. Gives you insight from the market as to the demand and opportunities for your business
  2. Gives you the flexibility to make the best decisions in terms of partners to help grow your business over time without staying locked in to a relationship you may not be getting value from, or that you may have outgrown.

If you’d like to discuss, give us a shout!


Photo by Syed Hussaini on Unsplash