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Does Your Website Make You Cringe?

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Or, do you just avoid looking at it because it’s a constant source of frustration?

It does not have to be this way.

And getting your website in shape to help convert visitors to customers does not have to cost a ton.

The path to a high-conversion website includes:

  • Identify your best customer segments
  • Identify your unique value for those segments
  • Reflect that value in your messaging up-front on your homepage (the “hero” section)
  • Spell out – quickly and simply – what the next step is

Then, use the remainder of your homepage to reinforce that next step and to encourage conversion:

  • Include social proof – testimonials, credibility badges, associations, awards
  • Talk directly to your target audience (video)
  • Include a brief bit about your most profitable products & services
    • 6 max and preferably 3, not all 178 things you do

Communicate that you understand their problems, know how to solve them, and have an easy next step to get to the solution – and your website will convert more.

If you’d like some help getting started, schedule a Free Website Review. 

Last Tip: Be sure that your website is built correctly – meaning that it’s great on mobile devices, is secure, is fast, is backed up, and that your team knows how to access all of the content. Read more on this topic here.