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7 Things Your Homepage Must Have

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Your website is your 24x7x365 sales rep.

It is your face to the world for customers and prospects, even if you have a physical location that customers visit. For Service companies, it is your “physical” location.

It is the first dedicated thing most of your customers see before they decide to do business with you.

And it MUST work well on mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) as these devices comprise around 50% of your website traffic.

So, with so many people thumb-scrolling vs. mouse-scrolling, your homepage is an absolute critical component of your business. (very few people will thumb click to multiple pages)

Here are 7 things your homepage must have to be found, be compelling and to help convert visitors into customers:

  1. Clear, compelling, problem-solving message – “above the fold” or in the “hero” section of your website. This is the first thing people will see, do not make it about you, make it about them. “We’ve been in business 40 years” is not good, “We’ll fix your heating and air systems within 1 day of your call” is much better
  2. Call to Action – also above the fold: Call Now, Download our Free Guide, Schedule an Appointment – make it easy for your target market to take your intended action. And don’t bury it.
  3. Video – even a thirty-second video of you shot on an iPhone introducing your company by describing the main problems you solve for customers is plenty good enough. Video content is the most easily consumed on mobile devices – keep this in mind!
  4. Trust Elements – testimonials, association badges, accreditations, BBB badge, etc. give visitors a reason to increase their trust level in your business
  5. Changing Content – your last 3 blog posts should be on your homepage (and updated regularly) – don’t make visitors dig to find your latest and greatest content
  6. Content Upgrades – grow your email list by offering (free) valuable content that helps solve problems – checklists, eBooks, swipe files, etc.
  7. Core Products & Services – again, don’t make people dig to find what you do, present your top 3-5 highest priority (most profitable) products and services on your homepage – not all 30 of the things you do

That’s it. Get these 7 things on your homepage and you’ll be a long way towards converting more traffic to customers.

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