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Observations on a Recent Customer Experience

This is not a rant. Really.

It’s more of an observation. And, if there’s any conclusion to draw, I think it’s that there is a LOT of opportunity in helping local businesses iron out processes and make the best use of technology.

And ensuring that customer/client/patient data stays safe.

I went to a new doctor recently.

Before my appointment I got an email to create an account online and do the endless paperwork forms before my appointment – Great!

But, the intake receptionist had typo’d my SSN so I couldn’t create an account, as I didn’t know what the typo was until later.

(why are they using SSNs as account numbers???)

Anyway, when I arrived for my appointment…

  • I was handed an iPad to do the forms I couldn’t do on the website…easy enough, and let me catch the SSN typo
  • I completed the forms, handed the iPad back, and the receptionist then found my info from the iPad and proceeded to hard-copy print it. In triplicate. On a dot matrix printer 😮
  • The credit card reader was not working for me to pay my co-pay, so I had to hand the front desk my CC and watch them hand enter all of my information, which they now had a copy of
  • There were at least 3 printers at the front desk (including the dot matrix  🦕 )…and the BIG one was used to print out 2 copies, on full 8.5″x11″ sheets, of my CC receipt for me to sign
  • And, in big bold letters, in red marker ink, on an easy-to-read, in-plain-sight post-it note, were the IDs and Passwords to the office computer systems. 🤦

Like I said…this is not a rant, just some observations.

But there are LOTS of opportunities out there to help businesses run better.

P.S. I received great care; I really liked the doc and their staff.

P.S.S. In the room next to me, thanks to paper-thin walls, I could hear a patient tell the doc, “My first-line physician told me that for this condition, I needed to [I won’t share], and I usually listen to him, he’s an excellent veterinarian.” 😂 😂 😂