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Use Facebook Ads and Email Marketing to Stay in Touch

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Why would a small business use Facebook advertising to target their existing customers?

After all, current customers have already engaged with your business, there is a level of relationship and they already know about you.

But, staying in touch, especially using very affordable and effective Facebook advertising, is a great way to remind customers of your value, educate them on your offers and build loyalty and repeat business.

If you have a more transactional business — meaning you don’t see your customers regularly or on a subscription basis — you should use ads to remind them to engage you, to stay top of mind when they have a need — this is a great example for businesses including:

  • Car care centers – time for tune up, seasonal specials, etc.
  • Travel businesses – where to go to next?
  • Home services — service reminders (spring HVAC season)
  • Veterinarians — bring Fluffy in for check up, annual visit, etc.
  • Health services – time for a check-up, tune-up, occasional specials

You can also use this strategy for overall service specials and promotions.

By using email and Facebook ads, you reach customers at different times.

An email may sit in an inbox, but a Facebook ad can reach them during “browsing time” — at home, after work, while watching Netflix, etc.

And during the current pandemic crisis, more eyeball time is going into social platforms, but fewer ad dollars are, so your overall cost per touch is dropping.

Facebook Ads = Re-targeting

“Re-targeting” sounds like a very complex, sometimes scary, digital marketing term that makes business owners nervous.

But it’s really pretty simple:

  • Someone visits your website, or is on your opt-in email subscriber list
  • That visitor or subscriber is then served ads for your business when on Facebook – you’ve “re-targeted” them
    • Yes, this is the same principle behind seeing an ad for the shoes that you shopped for earlier when you visit Facebook later after not purchasing

Also, re-targeting ads are generally lower cost because they have a higher engagement rate.

So, you’re getting additional customer touches at a cheaper rate.

We are all inundated with messages and ads, so staying top-of-mind with your market is critical to continued success. Re-targeting is a fantastic way to cost-effectively stay in front of your target market.

How to start?

  1. Make sure you have a high-quality, opt-in email list of your customers and prospects
  2. Draft a strong, value-centric message for your customers
  3. Set up your Facebook Business page and ad account correctly, including building your advertising audiences to run re-targeting campaigns
  4. Set up a 3-5 email sequence welcoming new subscribers to your list and then educating (not selling) them about how you can help solve their problems – stay in touch, nurture the contact, be ready to educate and help

Note: In order to run Facebook re-targeting campaigns you must have the Facebook pixel installed on your website. You will also need to set up custom audiences correctly in your Facebook ad account.

This sounds complex and somewhat technical, but it is very achievable for small business owners. It does take some time and study to get correct if you’ve never done it before. 

If you’d like to discuss setting up these types of campaigns, let’s talk.