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Customers for Life: 2018 Duct Tape Marketing Annual Summit

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For the last 5 days I’ve been at the Annual Duct Tape Marketing Summit, this year in Louisville, KY, collaborating with and learning from 60+ fellow Duct Tape Marketing Consultants.  As always it was a great event, and this year the outside speaker lineup was unparalleled in their willingness to share and educate all of us about not just Small Business Marketing but also life as an Entreprenuer.

Here are 3 main things I got from the Summit to share with all Small Business Owners:

  1. Talk Triggers are a great way to plant your unique difference in the minds of your target audience. And, they’re not just a gimmick, but a unique, operational, strategic way to differentiate your business. Big Thanks to Jay Baer for being so generous with his time and I’m buying the book today
  2. Your ability to get a message through in this over-noised world is to think of ways to communicate your message between the Obvious and the Absurd – Jason Falls did a fantastic and highly entertaining job of getting us to think differently about our creative work with small businesses
  3. Die Empty. I can’t do this talk justice in this short post, but Todd Henry really spurred some deep thinking about what it means to be an Entreprenuer, what your real Body of Work is really about and how to avoid the 7 Deadly Sins (ABCDEFG) of Entrepreneurial life

There was way more shared from other great speakers including Pamela Wilson, Steve Woodruff, Pat Rigsby and, as always, John Jantsch.

This doesn’t even touch on all the great content my Duct Tape Marketing Consultant colleagues were generous enough to share but suffice it to say my head is full of great ideas, inspiration and content to help serve small business owners!