Small Business Marketing Resources

I’m a small business owner too!  So not only do I refer to these resources constantly as a Consultant and Coach working with you, but I use these same tools, resources and gurus to help me stay focused on growing my business.  

Every resource listed here is a place I regularly refer to as I work on growing my business as well as those of my clients.  If there is an affiliate or “inside” relationship with these resources, I’ve disclosed that too.  

What are your favorite resources on owning, growing and marketing a small business?  Drop me a line to and let me know – it might show up here!

I’m a Master Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, but I got started down this path by reading and constantly referring to John Jantsch’s blog and the Duct Tape Marketing book. 

Yes, it’s a link to my book’s website, but there are great tips and information here too (and links to my Co-Authors!)


Do you ever get tired of exchanging countless emails & texts trying to coordinate schedules for a meeting, call, etc.?  Calendly solves that. Just set up your availability, organize your calendar (it will link to your online calendar like Outlook, Google, etc.) send your link to the folks you’re meeting with and they can pick a time that works for them! 


Webinars – live and recorded – are an excellent tool for educating your potential customers (and updating existing customers!) about how you can address their challenges. And there are tons of webinar tools out there – I’ve tried nearly all of them.  I find WebinarNinja’s interface, ease of use and analytics to be extremely valuable, please check them out! 

(note: link above is an affiliate link)

When you meet with me in person there’s a 99% chance I’ll carry a small black book with me. That book is Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner – yes, I use a paper planner. I still absolutely use my online calendar, but for daily, focused to-do management and tying those activities to my goals (personal and business), this planner is pure gold. 

AppSumo (note: affiliate link)

AppSumo is a fantastic resource for useful and crazy affordable software tools for all kinds of marketing functions for small business, from stock photography to social publishing tools to SEO tools to just about anything you can think of in small business online marketing AppSumo will run a deal for it.

Really long, really in-depth, really good blog posts on all things related to online marketing, customer acquisition and customer conversion value optimization.

Stacked Marketer

Great daily email newsletter with fantastic info trends in marketing with always with at least 1 tip you could put in your business today. Especially great for eCommerce and Affiliate Marketers.