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Who is in your Referral Partner Ecosystem?

referral marketing for small businesses

Build Your Referral Partner Ecosystem

Recently I published a blog about educating your referral partners.

Another critical component of building a referral system is knowing who your best potential referral partners are.

Those people make up your Referral Partner Ecosystem.

The important question to answer this is, “who else serves my ideal target client that I do not compete with?”

Those are companies with whom you should try to build a referral relationship where you can partner together to grow each other’s businesses.

An example – I work exclusively with Small Business Owners, ideally ones in established businesses who understand the importance of digital marketing, but do not have the time to work through the complexities that go into building a marketing system.

Who else works with these types of Small Business Owners? Some quick examples:

  • Attorneys
  • Commercial Insurance Agents
  • Financial Planners
  • Accountants
  • Commercial Real Estate Companies
  • Marketing Companies – Printing & Promotional products
  • Business Coaches

So, part of a solid Referral Ecosystem for a business like mine is building relationships with these partners, educating them about the types of referrals I’m looking for (and how I will treat them), and looking to build their business through potential referrals in my network.

How would this ecosystem look for your business?  

If you’d like to discuss more, just schedule a call.



Photo by Emma Gossett on Unsplash