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How Do You Educate Your Referral Partners?

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Do they know how you communicate with a referral once it’s been made?

Anyone who refers you is putting their reputation on the line, so ensuring that they are comfortable with referring you is an important part of building a repeatable referral system.

Sit down with your referral partners and educate them about:

  • How to spot your ideal target customer and what cues, phrases, and words to listen for to ensure a good fit
  • How best to communicate what you do – use your Unique Value Proposition
    • For example, my value is not as a “website guy” or “social media guy;” it’s more “I help small businesses generate more and better leads through effective marketing”
  • How you will handle any referral you receive
    • When you’ll respond, how you’ll respond, what offer you’ll make to the referral, how you’ll keep your referral partner informed along the way
  • What others say about working with you (provide social proof)

Give them a document spelling these items out, thereby giving them the confidence and trust that you’re really on top of your referral game.

Better yet, write the document as a note or letter they can give to potential referrals introducing you!

Referrals are great, they’re almost always better long-term customers.

How are you working on building a referral generating system?

If you’d like to discuss more, just schedule a call.

Bonus referral tip: give a referral to someone you want to refer to you. Show that you’re looking out for their business and they’ll help look out for yours.



Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash