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Do Your Best Customers Refer You?

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Do you get enough referrals from your best customers?

Based on your great relationship with them, they should…right?

But yet they don’t.

And it’s probably not because you aren’t worthy of a referral, or because there’s anything “off” in the value you deliver for them.

It’s probably because you lack the consistent systems for asking them, updating them, and incentivizing them to refer you.

They’re busy, and growing your business is not their highest priority.

But they’re likely to refer you – if you make it easy for them.

Imagine having a solid, consistent base of new customers coming from your referrals from your best customers.

Here’s how to make it happen:

  • Make it easy – put QR codes on your business card, build dedicated referral pages on your website, and print leave-behind materials at the point of service
  • Use incentives (and it does not have to be cash, in fact it probably should not be cash); charitable contributions are a great incentive.
  • Communicate – thank them, let them know your progress, then thank them again.

Referrals make the best customers, so let’s talk about building a referral system for your business.

Your best customers come from referrals, so let’s talk about building a referral system for your business.

Let’s get started: just click here.

P.S. Quick referral marketing tip – refer to your customers, and they’ll refer back to you.



Photo by Andrea De Santis on Unsplash