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Marketing Guides for Small Business Podcast: EP 1 Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

My colleagues and I started this podcast to help Small Business Owners navigate the confusing and overwhelming world of digital marketing for small businesses. Each episode is packed with tips and strategies to help you get more out of your marketing investments.

In this episode we discuss what goes into an effective small business marketing strategy:

  • Why it matters for every small business
  • What is at risk without a sound marketing strategy
  • What a well-thought out marketing strategy means for a small business in terms of execution and effectiveness of marketing
  • What does it mean to start each engagement with marketing strategy?
  • What is the risk of not having a marketing strategy in place?
  • Where do clients most often struggle when working on their marketing strategy?
  • Does working on a marketing strategy mean that all other activity stops until the strategy is 100% determined?
  • Why is differentiation so important to marketing strategy?
  • How do you determine what a client’s most valuable target clients are?
  • As marketing strategies, target markets and differentiation becomes clearer, how does this inform the rest of your marketing work?