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Does Your Marketing Reflect Your Unique Value?

small business marketing strategy

There is always someone willing to do it cheaper.

Maybe always selecting the cheaper price isn’t the best solution.

Yes, we’re all concerned with profitability and getting the best value for our money, but we all know the lowest price isn’t the only way to maximize value…and many times may be the worst option.

When it comes to growing your business, this means your marketing must reflect your unique value to the market and why customers choose to do business with you over other options.

And this messaging must be reflected in the channels where customers look BEFORE you’ve ever directly engaged with them:

  • Your website (hero image, above the fold)
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Presence (Google Business Profile, Directories)
  • Your content engine – blogs, web pages, email communications, etc.

Plus, when you’re differentiated and delivering high value, your customers are far more likely to refer you to others, resulting in:

  • More customers
  • Lower costs to acquire
  • Higher profitability

Does your marketing, messaging, and sales process convey your unique value?

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