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Are You Attracting the Wrong Kinds of Customers?

marketing strategy for small business

Are you attracting the wrong kinds of customers to your business? 

There is a good chance you have some customers you’d be better off not having…you know, those customers who cause you to:

  • Let out a BIG sigh when “that” customer calls
  • Give in to constant capitulation to their demands, leading to declining profits
  • Give up the valuable time you could spend selling to new (better) customers, building new products and services, or building more strategic relationships with partners

There’s a better way.

A Marketing Action Plan provides a road map for exactly how you will attract and convert your ideal target customers.

This M.A.P. (see what I did there? 🙂 ) will: 

  • Identify your best customers
  • Build messaging aimed solely at them (disqualifying the poor fits) 
  • Plan the implementation without completely disrupting your business WHILE remaining accountable to your goals and objectives

So, envision your days spent working with your best customers, developing new better products and services, and trusting your team to run the daily operations of your business without worry.

  • More time
  • Better customers
  • More engaged team
  • Improved profits

Does this sound like an improvement? 

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Photo by Jonathan Klok on Unsplash