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Google is the Front Door to Your Business

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Google is the front door to your business…

…and it can be hard to keep that door unlocked and open for potential customers.

Think about how people find you online – probably at least 75% of your visitors click to your site from a search engine, and that search engine is probably Google.

Even after a trusted source mentions or refers to your business, what is the likely next step that a potential customer takes?

They pop your name into a search engine (you do the same thing, right?).

That makes Google the front door to your business – your customers and prospects start there before ever interacting directly with an asset you own.

And Yes, Google can be frustrating

  • The rules change – how do they decide who shows up in search results?
  • You know you get reviews, but they don’t always show up (I’ve seen this happen more often recently)
  • Google suggests changes to your Business Profile that are incorrect – I mean, you know what your Open Hours and Phone Number are
  • And, I can’t prove it, but it is not a big leap of logic to think Google shows a preference to advertisers over non-advertisers (or small advertisers)

But Google does exert a large influence on your online presence. So you need to have a plan for keeping this online front door open.

That plan should include:

  • Claiming and actively managing your Google Business Profile (GBP)
  • Asking for and responding to reviews
  • Determining if and how Google’s paid products (search ads, local services ads, etc.) can help your business

Let’s discuss your local SEO strategy and plans.

Let’s keep that front door open for new customers to your business.


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