digital marketing for veterinarians

Attention Veterinarians:

Eliminate your digital marketing frustrations

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  • Attract and Convert new patients to your practice
  • Eliminate the frustration of never getting the right things done...or not getting anything done
  • Increase your confidence that your marketing investments are working

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Fortune Marketing has really helped push our online marketing forward and it's generating great results for our business - patients love our updated website, we're seeing more new patients than ever and I do not have to worry about making sure our marketing plan is being executed.

Mark and his team really make our lives as business owners easier.

— Catherine Barron, Owner & Hospital Administrator, Shackleford Road Veterinary Clinic

Grow your practice - consistently and affordably - by implementing a Digital Marketing System

What's in the Book?

Building on client experience with Veterinarians and many industries, each section of this eBook contains a brief overview and practical tips to help you build, fix, and improve your digital marketing system to grow your Veterinary practice.

  • Strategy Before Tactics
  • Websites that Build Trust
  • Content for the Customer Journey
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Make Social Media Work
  • Customer Reviews Matter
  • Make Online Ads (Search, Social) Work
  • Referral Marketing
  • Email Marketing (yes, it works)
  • Measure, Rinse, Repeat


Does this describe your marketing?

  • You have little or no visibility into what works or does not work for your business
  • You have far too little time to painstakingly go through your marketing plan
  • You are not sure what is happening next or who is doing the work

If this sounds familiar, then please download our Free eBook and get started building a marketing system to help grow your practice and eliminate your frustrations.


About the Author

Mark Z. Fortune

Mark Z. Fortune is a small business marketing consultant, Master Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, and a co-author of two Amazon bestselling books on small business marketing: The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Local Lead Generation and Content Marketing for Local Search Success. In 2014, Mark began pursuing a long-time dream and opened his firm, Fortune Marketing, with the goal of working with small businesses to help them grow and prosper. As the son of a small business owner, he grew up seeing the challenges small business owners face every day from competitive pressure and time constraints.

Mark has lived and worked in Little Rock, Arkansas for over 25 years. When he’s not working to help small businesses grow, Mark spends his time with his wife and two children, following Arkansas Razorback sports, playing and listening to music, and trying to improve his golf game. Stay updated on small business marketing topics on his blog at