We Build a Marketing System You Can Use

Our Consulting work focuses on delivering the specific strategies and tactics you need to grow your business, aimed at your target market and for your unique difference.  Our strategy work does not take a “one size fits all approach” – we learn your business, we learn your target market and we work from there to build you a Marketing System that works.

Why Work with a Marketing Consultant

Effective Marketing Consultants should:

  • Listen and learn your business and market situation
  • Identify specific strategies and tactics for growing your business over time
  • Help you build a system for implementation and measurement that adjusts tactics as results are generated
  • Keeps a long-term view of helping you dominate your target markets

Small Business Marketing Expertise without Huge Overhead Expenses

As a small business owner you are likely not yet at the point in your business to need the investment of building out a marketing department of strategists, managers and implementation folks.  That’s where I come in.  I have the experience

Consultants are most valuable when they bring specific expertise to bear on your business and significant challenges without accelerating your overhead expenses.  You are an expert in your business area, I am an expert in small business marketing that delivers results, together we accelerate your business growth.

Should You Work with Fortune Marketing?

If your business is in one (or more) of these situations, we should discuss how Fortune Marketing can help:

  • You are an established business but growth has stalled
  • You realize marketing produces positive results but your current marketing efforts are not
  • The ever-changing landscape of marketing tactics and ideas has you frustrated and / or confused and you’d like a roadmap to help your business
  • A comprehensive and strategic view of your business and its target markets would help set you up for long-term success

But Let’s Get Specific…

If you a very specific marketing challenge you’d like to discuss please contact us today or visit our Marketing Packages pages to view our specific DONE FOR YOU Marketing Services.  These specific needs can include:

  • Website Updates or New Website Development
  • Content Marketing (blog writing, web page development, video marketing, etc.)
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Improving your search engine rankings through a focused approach to improving your rankings over time and monitoring results

About Duct Tape Marketing

If you have not previously checked out Duct Tape Marketing, you should.  Find it here:

Go ahead, do it now, we’ll wait…

Great stuff, right?   The reason I am affiliated with John Jantsch and Duct Tape Marketing is simple – it works.  The Duct Tape philosophy is not about making sure you have a website, or a Facebook page, or a Twitter account, or a Whatever The Next Hot Thing Is thing (Pokemon Go anyone?), it’s about taking a practical, logical approach to your Sales & Marketing efforts to product consistent, high quality results over time.

That is, a System.

Small business owners are challenged every day to not only operate their businesses, but also to grow them.  Too often, the priority of attracting, converting and keeping ideal customers takes a back seat to the daily Tyranny of the Urgent – employee issues, administration challenges, daily operational issues, etc.  When the Tyrant kicks in, the business can ignore profitable growth for far too long.

With Duct Tape Marketing, imagine:

  • No longer having to worry about whether or not new business was going to come in the door
  • Being confident in your sales and marketing investments, knowing that they would produce a significant and meaningful return for your business
  • No longer worrying about if they prospect who called you yesterday was properly followed up with
  • Having the time to grow your business versus merely operating it
  • Your ideal target customers finding you without you having to pound the streets or (yikes!) cold call to find new customersHaving a system for attracting and closing new business that was practical and easy to operate

That is what Duct Tape Marketing is about, and it is core to every engagement Fortune Marketing works on.

You have systems for Accounting, HR, Customer Service, etc. why not marketing?

What a marketing system gets you

  • Peace of mind
  • Plan for action
  • More profitable customers
  • Roadmap for the future and growth
  • Expertise without the overhead expense

Ideal candidates for marketing consulting

  • Small businesses who are ready to invest in their growth
  • Tried before but frustrated with results
  • Have a new product, service of market target to pursue and are unsure of the plan to go attack it