Get Started on Your Marketing System Quickly & Affordably

Not every small business can jump in full-bore right away with a Marketing Consulting engagement, but still you are anxious to start getting your marketing lined out and sleep better at night knowing that you are actively working ON your business versus purely IN your business. 

And maybe you’re a hard-core DIY-er and aren’t as interested in having others do your marketing for you and would rather stay very hands-on in the design and implementation of your marketing programs.

If either of these situations describes you and your business then perhaps a Marketing Coach to help you along the way and keep you accountable to your progress is the affordable solution you’re looking for. 

Fortune Marketing Coaching for Small Business Owners will help you:

  • Build a Strategic Marketing Plan that can actually be implemented
  • Choose the Best Marketing Strategies to help you attack your target markets with confidence and a differentiated position
  • Implement the right tactics for your target markets and adjust as necessary
  • Review marketing performance and make adjustments as progress is made

Let’s be clear – YOU are doing the implementation work in my coaching programs while I am helping guide you through the marketing maze and keep you accountable for getting the work done.

Fortune Marketing Coaching programs are typically conducted through regular (1-2X/month) conversations, online or over the phone, and focus on progress from our last conversation, goals for the next conversation and specific topics of interest as they apply to your business.

If Marketing Coaching is interesting to you, please click on the button below to schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation where we’ll get started on getting your marketing lined out.