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Use Facebook Ads and Email Marketing to Stay in Touch

Why would a small business use Facebook advertising to target their existing customers? After all, current customers have already engaged with your business, there is a level of relationship and they already know about you. But, staying in touch, especially using very affordable and effective Facebook advertising, is a great way to remind customers of […]

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Running List of Covid-19 Resources & Information for Small Businesses

April 7 Some great info & offers from Local Small Business partners of mine: $1 clean and press scrubs for medical professionals – Hanger’s Cleaners For SMBs working through PPP and EIDL programs, my friend Beth Smith with JSA CPAs recommended keeping those funds in a separate account to help with compliance / recording requirements […]

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Customers for Life: 2018 Duct Tape Marketing Annual Summit

For the last 5 days I’ve been at the Annual Duct Tape Marketing Summit, this year in Louisville, KY, collaborating with and learning from 60+ fellow Duct Tape Marketing Consultants.  As always it was a great event, and this year the outside speaker lineup was unparalleled in their willingness to share and educate all of […]

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websites for small businesses

Effective Digital Marketing for Small Businesses is More than a Website

Lately, in speaking with small business owners I’m hearing a pretty common theme about their marketing frustrations and plans. The owner knows the business needs to be online to generate leads from online marketing initiatives, they understand that a website is crucial to those efforts, and that’s where the conversation screeches to an abrupt halt. […]

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Facebook’s Announcement & Impacts for Small Business Marketing

So, there’s been a bit of a head-scratching and/or angst-filled reaction by business owners and marketers to an announcement Facebook made yesterday regarding how they are adjusting their algorithms in order to help “bring people closer together and build relationships.” First, understand this is all coming pretty fast and will likely change and adjust some […]

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marketing help for small businesses

How to Hire the Marketing Expert You Need

Get the Time You Need to Run Your Business You do your own taxes. You fix your own house. You write your own contracts. You take care of all HR work… yourself. Okay, you might not need an outside marketing expert, especially if, as a small business owner, you understand and are comfortable writing fully […]

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Specialization is the Key to Success

Does the idea of specializing make you feel like you’re leaving money on the table? I feel that way many times…but then I spent the first part of this week in Austin attending Digital Marketer’s Digital Agency Growth Summit / DAGS. There was a ton of info in this event (18 pages of notes!) but I’d […]

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Small Business Direct Mail Marketing

The Hottest Old Tactic to Get New Business

So far, my posts have focused almost solely on online and digital marketing strategies, but this one is going to be about an old standby that sometimes gets short-shrift: Direct mail. This form of traditional marketing works and can be an extremely effective tool (Yes, really!). Direct mail can still be a very compelling channel […]

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Small Business Referral Marketing

Make Referrals More than a Lucky Accident

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It If I could ask everyone who reads this article what their best source of new business is, the most popular answer will almost always be “referrals” or “word of mouth.” And it remains true: The recommendation of a trusted friend, contact or colleague to a new customer or […]

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Your Online Foundation: Websites for Builders & Contractors

You Only Get One Chance to Make a Good First Impression We’ve all heard the old expression and recognize the truth in it, and just because business has moved so much into the online world, it’s no less true today than it’s ever been.  The difference is that now it’s your website where most customers […]

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