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social media marketing for small business

Fish Where They’re Biting: Tips for Creating a Profitable, Useful Social Media Presence for Your Business

So, you’re finally ready to create the marketing engine you’ve been promising yourself you’d build for a long time. You’ve seen your competitors out there promoting themselves, and you know that you’ve got to, as well. These days, for any marketing plan to be successful, a solid social media presence is an absolute must. Think […]

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The Joys of Small Business Rainmaking…

…Or How I’m trying to turn a frustrating sales call into a readable & useful blog post… 3 Weeks ago… “I’ve got a great referral for you.  They need tons of help in marketing, they think success is 1 new client from their website in the past year, they’re a local law firm, they want […]

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Happy Graduation & How to Get a Liberal Arts Degree and Still Get a Job

Since it’s graduation time and I have several friends with graduates (High School and College) in their families, I’ll take a bit of a break from small business marketing topics in this post and instead share a great article I just read and share a few comments. It’s called “How To Land A Job With […]

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7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success

Grow Your Small Business through these 7 Steps As a Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant I have access to a wealth of information and content that I use in my work with small business owners to relieve their marketing frustrations.  The foundation to it all is the Duct Tape Marketing System and the primary way […]

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Some of the Best I’ve Read This Week

This article from Neil Patel and Quick Sprout details exactly how he’s quickly building a following and fast-growth content business online.  This is a great how-to for content marketing to drive inbound leads.  While Neil is an expert the process can be replicated by nearly anyone.  He also calls out a clear mistake in SEO […]

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I Hope This is Not Your Small Business Sales Process

May I sell you something without understanding anything about your business? I understand you want to grow your business – I’m in business to help you do that.  But if your small business sales process sounds like the story I’m about to share, you’re making a mistake and we should discuss… I recently received a […]

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