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Who is in your Referral Partner Ecosystem?

Build Your Referral Partner Ecosystem Recently I published a blog about educating your referral partners. Another critical component of building a referral system is knowing who your best potential referral partners are. Those people make up your Referral Partner Ecosystem. The important question to answer this is, “who else serves my ideal target client that […]

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referral marketing strategies

How Do You Educate Your Referral Partners?

Do they know how you communicate with a referral once it’s been made? Anyone who refers you is putting their reputation on the line, so ensuring that they are comfortable with referring you is an important part of building a repeatable referral system. Sit down with your referral partners and educate them about: How to […]

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small business marketing strategy

Does Your Marketing Reflect Your Unique Value?

There is always someone willing to do it cheaper. Maybe always selecting the cheaper price isn’t the best solution. Yes, we’re all concerned with profitability and getting the best value for our money, but we all know the lowest price isn’t the only way to maximize value…and many times may be the worst option. When […]

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Your Unique Value Proposition

“Great Service” is not a unique value proposition In last week’s note, I discussed identifying your ideal target client. Now let’s move on to determining your Unique Value Proposition (UVP). Your UVP should form the foundation of all your marketing messaging: Hero section of your homepage Cover image on your social media channels The back […]

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Choosing Your Ideal Target Client

“Anyone with a Pulse” is not a target market Last week I had the opportunity to speak to a great group of Small Business Owners at the Little Rock Regional Chamber about building Marketing Systems for small businesses. It was fun to be back at an in-person event and the group asked some great questions. […]

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Marketing Guides for Small Business Podcast: EP 1 Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses My colleagues and I started this podcast to help Small Business Owners navigate the confusing and overwhelming world of digital marketing for small businesses. Each episode is packed with tips and strategies to help you get more out of your marketing investments. In this episode we discuss what goes into […]

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facebook marketing little rock

Use Facebook Ads and Email Marketing to Stay in Touch

Why would a small business use Facebook advertising to target their existing customers? After all, current customers have already engaged with your business, there is a level of relationship and they already know about you. But, staying in touch, especially using very affordable and effective Facebook advertising, is a great way to remind customers of […]

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Running List of Covid-19 Resources & Information for Small Businesses

April 7 Some great info & offers from Local Small Business partners of mine: $1 clean and press scrubs for medical professionals – Hanger’s Cleaners For SMBs working through PPP and EIDL programs, my friend Beth Smith with JSA CPAs recommended keeping those funds in a separate account to help with compliance / recording requirements […]

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small business marketing strategy

Small Business Marketing Strategy

A Strategy for Building Your Marketing Strategy Recently I Googled “small business marketing strategy.” I was curious about what would come up on the results page. I saw things like “use Facebook” and “run Google ads” and advice on sending direct mailers. All of these are great ideas, but they are tactics, not strategies. The […]

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little rock websites

The Business Owner’s Website Bill of Rights

Most of the time when we start working with a new client, they have an existing website. (most of the time it isn’t very good, which is why we’re working with them, but that’s a topic for a different day) But, with probably 80% of the clients we’ve worked with, there are some very fundamental […]

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