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referral marketing for small business

Building a Referral Network

Building a Referral Network takes time and effort There are many ways to generate a more consistent flow of referrals into your business: Ask your best customers, and provide an incentive for them to refer you Provide an incentive to your team members for providing referrals Join your local Chamber and their Leads Groups Join […]

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the employee journey

People Don’t Leave Jobs. The Leave Bosses.

Your Employees are on a Journey Too In good times, businesses can kind of just roll with momentum, and being in the right place tends to solve many issues. But in tough times businesses who thrive will do so by being important in the lives of their customers AND their employees. So, it’s time to […]

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SEO little rock AR

Google is the Front Door to Your Business

Google is the front door to your business… …and it can be hard to keep that door unlocked and open for potential customers. Think about how people find you online – probably at least 75% of your visitors click to your site from a search engine, and that search engine is probably Google. Even after […]

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referral marketing

Do Your Best Customers Refer You?

Do you get enough referrals from your best customers? Based on your great relationship with them, they should…right? But yet they don’t. And it’s probably not because you aren’t worthy of a referral, or because there’s anything “off” in the value you deliver for them. It’s probably because you lack the consistent systems for asking […]

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reviews for small businesses

Do You Lose Sleep Over Negative Reviews?

There are a number of legitimate reasons why you may have negative reviews: Your team had an off day – it happens, we’re all human You had a tough customer who wasn’t going to be happy no matter what…those people are out there, and they delight in leaving 1-star reviews You have a disgruntled former […]

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websites little rock ar

Does Your Website Make You Cringe?

Or, do you just avoid looking at it because it’s a constant source of frustration? It does not have to be this way. And getting your website in shape to help convert visitors to customers does not have to cost a ton. The path to a high-conversion website includes: Identify your best customer segments Identify […]

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marketing strategy for small business

Are You Attracting the Wrong Kinds of Customers?

Are you attracting the wrong kinds of customers to your business?  There is a good chance you have some customers you’d be better off not having…you know, those customers who cause you to: Let out a BIG sigh when “that” customer calls Give in to constant capitulation to their demands, leading to declining profits Give […]

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marketing strategy for small business

What Has Changed (and Not Changed) in Small Business Marketing

Fortune Marketing just passed it’s 8th Anniversary! [thanks to LinkedIn for the reminder :-)] First – a HUGE Thank You to the Clients and Partners who have enabled me to stay self-employed lo these 8+ years… And, a few thoughts on what has (and has not) changed the most in Small Business Marketing: What has […]

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referral marketing for small businesses

Who is in your Referral Partner Ecosystem?

Build Your Referral Partner Ecosystem Recently I published a blog about educating your referral partners. Another critical component of building a referral system is knowing who your best potential referral partners are. Those people make up your Referral Partner Ecosystem. The important question to answer this is, “who else serves my ideal target client that […]

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referral marketing strategies

How Do You Educate Your Referral Partners?

Do they know how you communicate with a referral once it’s been made? Anyone who refers you is putting their reputation on the line, so ensuring that they are comfortable with referring you is an important part of building a repeatable referral system. Sit down with your referral partners and educate them about: How to […]

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