Small Business Marketing Expertise

I teach small business owners how to grow their businesses quickly, affordably and consistently. How? By installing a proven and disciplined system for Marketing that is easy to understand, operate and afford.

This system rests on the pillars of knowing your market, your unique difference and measuring the results of your efforts. It is common sense, but not common practice. Boiled down, the Marketing System consists of getting your ideal target clients to Know, Like and Trust you. From there the objective is to get them to Try and Buy from you; and then move to Repeat buys and Referrals.

This is not a “silver bullet,” a new website, an ad, a Facebook page or a direct mail program. This is a Marketing System – a focused system for growing your business over time. It is the same system I am using to grow my business and I want to use it to help grow yours.

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Ideal Clients

My ideal clients are small businesses, typically the Owner or Head of Sales/Marketing, who:

  • Are committed to growing their business
  • Invest in Marketing but are not sure what return it is producing
  • Know they should be "doing Marketing" but are unsure how
  • Are will willing to learn more about a better way to ensure their Marketing investments produce a return

My approach is to assess and recommend the best approach to apply the system based on each client’s specific situation.

I started this business because:

  • I have a passion for helping small businesses grow
  • I firmly believe the challenges in small business sales and marketing (assuming a good product) are not insurmountable and can be met with a disciplined and focused approach to sales and marketing – this is why I joined the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network
  • I am a small business owner – what I want to do for you is exactly the same things I’m doing to grow my business
  • I believe that the technology and media landscape today make it easier than ever before for a small business to compete and win against large corporate competitors