Small Business Marketing Resources

I’m a small business owner too!  So not only do I refer to these resources constantly as a Consultant and Coach working with you, but I use these same tools, resources and gurus to help me stay focused on growing my business.  

Every resource listed here is a place I regularly refer to as I work on growing my business as well as those of my clients.  If there is an affiliate or “inside” relationship with these resources, I’ve disclosed that too.  

What are your favorite resources on owning, growing and marketing a small business?  Drop me a line to and let me know – it might show up here!

I’m a Master Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, but I got started down this path by reading and constantly referring to John Jantsch’s blog and the Duct Tape Marketing book. 

Yes, it’s a link to my book’s website, but there are great tips and information here too (and links to my Co-Authors!)

Really long, really in-depth, really good blog posts on all things related to online marketing, customer acquisition and customer conversion value optimization. 

From Large Company CEO to Leadership & Productivity guru to business owners everywhere, Michael Hyatt does a great job of giving practical, useful advice for small business owners everywhere.